Tom’s Thumb is a beautiful hiking trail at the north end of the McDowell Mountain Range. A thumb like rock feature is the popular destination but don’t miss the view from the end of the Lookout Trail, an optional 1.5 mile add on to the Tom’s Thumb trail.


Distance 5 Miles Round Trip
Hours n/a n/a
Elevation 1,200 ft Gain
Scenery 3.5/5 Excellent
Crowds 2.5/5 Moderate
Adventure 2.5/5 Good
Difficulty 2.5/5 Moderate
AllTrails Trailhead Weather
Water Tip – Take 2+ liters per person.


The north side of McDowell Sonoran Preserve consists of wonderfully well maintained trails. Wildflower season is a great time to check out the scenery.

Explore the area around Tom’s Thumb and soak in the views. We’ve been told there’s a cave just past Tom’s Thumb.

Inspired Tip

After leaving Tom’s Thumb, we highly recommend you continue on Lookout Trail until it dead ends. You’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Fountain hills, Four Peaks and Superstition Mountains.

Relax at the Lookout Trail dead end, the patient will get a water fountain display, before heading back the way you came.


All images are taken from our hike in March 2017.

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