5057 is a must do if you’ve hiked Flatiron and you’re looking for a bigger challenge and smaller crowds. Hiking to the true Superstition Mountains Summit is difficult, requiring some route finding skills and steep scrambling. Adventurers will be rewarded with great views. There are two routes to the summit, coming from the west is the Hieroglyphics Trail (this post), and from the east is Carney Springs.


Distance 8 Miles Round Trip
Hours 7 Hours Round Trip
Elevation 2,985 ft Gain
Scenery 4/5 Excellent
Crowds 4/5 Light
Adventure 4/5 Excellent
Difficulty 4.5/5 Very Difficult
AllTrails Trailhead Weather
Water Tip – Take 3+ liters per person.


Start early to beat the crowds that you may encounter on the first (and last) 1.5 miles. Parking is free and the trailhead sign will say Lost Goldmine Trail. After a few minutes of hiking, the trail splits.  Follow it left to Hieroglyphics Trail, not right to Lost Goldmine Trail.

Inspired Tip

Just uphill from the petroglyphs and the stagnant water is this giant bolder that looks like it’s blocking the trail. Take the faint trail to the right of this boulder. It will take you to higher elevation where a faint but legitimate trail to the summit begins. It can be easy to follow false trails and cairns down into the dry stream bed but avoid boulder hopping and stay to the right and on higher ground.

After a heart pumping ascent, views at the saddle are outstanding. You’re now on the Superstition ridgeline overlooking Weaver’s Needle.

We will be going up and through the boulder jam.

Cairns will help guide your way through the hoodoos and to the summit.

Follow the trail around the base of the summit to the far side of the hoodoos.  Then take a sharp right turn off the ridgeline trail on onto the summit trail.

Enjoying the summit in our Chair Zeros.


All images are taken from our hike in April 2018. We have hiked this trail 2 times, December 2017 and April 2018.

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