Hiking Siphon Draw to The Flatiron is the quintessential Superstition Mountains hike. However, that great hike can be made even better by going just a bit further. The Hoodoo Summit should be the target of every inspired hiker coming up the Siphon Draw. Adding less than an hour to the classic Flatiron hike, the hike to the Hoodoo Summit contains manageable challenges, including two rock “tunnels” and a faint trail. The remarkable scenery, along with the sense of adventure and accomplishment, make the Hoodoo Summit & Flatiron via Siphon Draw one of our favorite hikes.


Distance 6.3 Miles Round Trip
Hours 5.5 Hours Includes 30 mins at the summit
Elevation 3,140 ft Gain
Scenery 4/5  Excellent
Crowds 3/5  Moderate
Adventure 4/5  Excellent
Difficulty 4/5  Difficult
AllTrails Trailhead Weather
Water Tip – Take 3 liters per person.


Beat the crowds by starting early. The $7 fee to enter Lost Dutchman State Park can be self-paid if you arrive before 6am. The sun rises behind the mountains so take advantage of morning shade.

Gradual elevation gain gives way to a steep trail.

The official trail ends here but continue to climb up the draw. You’ll pass a likely dry waterfall. Keep left as you climb. Loose rocks and gravel can make footing tricky so be prepared to use your hands, hiking gloves may be helpful.

Here’s the last and steepest rock climb.  The plateau is just past this point.

Inspired Tip

Once reaching the plateau, you’ll notice most people follow the trail to the right to go to the Flatiron. However continue straight ahead following the faint trail into the hoodoos. Resist the urge to turn right toward the Flatiron, don’t take the trail left, go straight into the hoodoos. In just a few minutes you’ll reach the hoodoo saddle where you’ll want to turn slightly left toward the hoodoo summit.

Passing through the “tunnels”.

The Hoodoo Summit provides 360° views of the Superstition Wilderness and beyond. Including Weaver’s Needle, Four Peaks and the true 5057 Summit.

On your way back down you may find a series of different routes, a tracking app like AllTrails can help you find the route you took coming up. Don’t forget to stop at the Flatiron before heading down the draw.

View of Hoodoo Summit from Flatiron.

Inspired Tip

On your way back down be sure to keep right and slightly up towards the concave wall. We have seen people go too far down into the dry stream bed which can require bushwhacking to get out of.

On this hike we were motivated to pick up as much trash as we could. It was crowded (not the Hoodoo Summit portion) and the trail seemed more littered than usual.


Featured image was taken March 2015. A double rainbow appeared after a late afternoon thunderstorm that whipped through as we set up camp in Lost Dutchman State Park. All other images are taken from our hike in April 2018. We have hiked this trail many times, including March 2015, April 2016, March 2017 and April 2018.

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